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How would you like a full three day retreat at heaven on Earth, 3 hours North of Sydney Australia, where you can fully immerse into all things you need and want to learn. 

You will be staying at my specially created retreat space, just 25 minutes from such of the world's most beautiful beaches (that's official) deep in nature. There is the option to extend the time here and tap into the community of incredible healers, including yoga, reiki, human design, emotional neural therapy and more.


Come with others, or book your own personalised retreat with content that we plan together before we meet. Everything from finding your leadership style, to inspiring the work to empowering your people - I can design your own retreat blueprint for success. Or, if there are a few of you, decide what the group wants, and I will plan accordingly. A group retreat can be more cost effective and suitable, especially if you are aligned on what you want to receive.   Individual retreats and groups up to four are catered for. I deliberately  keep groups small to ensure individual attention and everyone gets the time and coaching they need.

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