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  • June Laffey


Vulnerability is a gift. Imagine a life where you never say "I love you" because you're afraid of getting hurt. Or you never apply for that amazing job because you're afraid of rejection. Or you never present that life-changing idea because you think you'll be laughed at. As creative leaders and thinkers, every time we present an idea we show our vulnerability. The more "creative", left-of-centre, challenging, bum-clenching it is, the more vulnerable you can feel. It's not easy. And many of your ideas will get killed. And we all know when great ideas get killed a little bit of you dies too. But for every one that does land, that makes people feel differently, that challenges perceptions, that gets noticed, that god-forbid works, isn't it worth that pain. When you admit your vulnerability, any perceived weakness becomes your strength. If you claim that you're shy, or you don't know, or whatever, you're actually standing in your power. It gives you the opportunity to be listened to when you do talk and emerge from your shyness, or co-create and find the answers when you don't know... get the picture? And here's the rub. In my experience when you're a leader or in management, it is often expected that you not show your vulnerability. You're supposed to know, right? But when you employ people, you look for a level of vulnerability. Because the ones that don't profess to know it all are the ones that can learn, can be shaped and become your most loyal people. You can see why, for so many reasons vulnerability is a gift. It's the sweet spot where you can learn and thrive. And it can be FUN.


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