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  • June Laffey


You can't learn to drive a stationary car. The only way to get better is to get moving. Preferably with someone you trust sitting beside you. Creative leadership is the same. Along the way, you may make mistakes, You may try to go too fast, or take the wrong turn, or even stall on a bumpy road. You literally never know what is around the corner. Knowing when to stop or give way, or to go, go, go can be tough. But when you have somebody guiding you, you will get there. Why would you choose me to guide you? Simple. I've been there. And I’ll be there for you. On the bumpiest roads and the fastest tracks, and everywhere in-between. Because I've headed up creative departments of three to a hundred and three, you can trust I know where you’re at. Because I've chaired many creative shows including Cannes and won many shiny things along the way, you can trust you can benefit from my sharing how you can maximize your potential. But I will say this. Winning hearts, winning trust and winning respect matters to me than any award. Which hopefully matters to you too. None of us are perfect. But we all can progress. And it can be FUN.


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