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My name is June and I like nothing better than helping people shine.

My mission is to inspire, empower and lift-up a new kind of creative leader through insights, tools and strategies it has taken me a lifetime to learn.

I've always been a creative thinker, cared deeply about people, and always, always come from a place of love.


I made the move from CCO in New York to Creative Leadership Coach because I learnt along the way what makes you a good creative will not necessarily make you a great leader. Sometimes, it's good to have someone in your corner. To confide in. To be vulnerable to. To be cared for and nurtured by. To believe in you until you truly believe in yourself. I've always believed if you look after your people, the great work, the business success and the accolades will follow.

I could shout about a bunch of awards and judging gigs - but that's not the reason you'd choose working with me. It's more about you. You may be talented, passionate and committed, but seem to be getting nowhere fast. Or you've just scored that big job with big responsibilities, but there's simply no-one to ask for help. Or worse, because all eyes are on you, you feel too vulnerable to reach out for support.

If this you, let's talk. If you want to take the pain and struggle out of the everyday, shift perspective and embrace success, let's talk. If you want to empower your people and inspire the work, let's talk. But most of all, if you want to channel your power, your passion and your potential to break through limiting self beliefs, and rise to your full potential, let's talk.

Alexa Young, CA

June is truly an inspiring creative leader, thinker, and human. She helped me to reframe creative challenges, find solutions in unlikely places, and make smarter, more strategic decisions. I highly recommend working with June to any leader (creative or otherwise) who aims to do great work and inspire their team to do the same.

John A Newton

VP Creative Director

FCB Health, NY 

Morgan James, NY

"A great testimonial can boost your brand’s image. Click to edit and add your own."

Lisa Driver, MI

June seamlessly blends creativity, leadership, visionary prowess, friendship, and, above all, mentorship. As an industry luminary, she possesses an innate ability to unlock your hidden potential, enabling you to sharpen your focus on what truly matters and effect transformative change within your career trajectory and personal journey. Through her guidance, I gained an  unwavering belief in myself.

Yih Ma

SVP Creative Director

Mosaic Group, NY

I was continually impressed with June's ability to spot great creative ideas and elevate them to perfection. The energy, love and passion she put into the agency was palpable, and her presence is certainly missed. As a mentor, she taught me to focus not only the work - but more importantly - the people.

Tim Jones

Executive Creative Director

Klick EMEA

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